The whole universe of the Casino at the Perpignan Expo Fair

We start this week with, once again, good news around the world of gambling and casinos. Today, the beautiful days are coming and the casino is therefore invited to the Foire Expo de Perpignan 2019 to make you discover its universe and perhaps encourage you to finally take the plunge to try to win thousands, even sometimes millions of euros !

It is never too late to change your life and if there is something we can advise you to do on, it is good to give it a try or at least go there when ‘there are events like this, to find out what you can expect playing for free and most of the time without obligation. But before going too fast, let’s take a look back at this exhibition which took place this weekend and which is therefore now over.

Casino of the Perpignan fair

All weekend long, many of you took advantage of this very successful event. All players or beginners in the game were welcome at the Casino de la foire expo de Perpignan which therefore offered games installed in the hall of festivities to all its visitors.

Visitors who therefore had the opportunity to try Mega Roulette, but also the wheel of luck, stud poker or also to try their hand at the blackjack table which attracted a large number of curious people. It must be said that many visitors took advantage of this atmosphere which subtly and cleverly mixed playfulness and entertainment. But do not worry if you missed the opportunity of this Foire Expo de Perpignan which takes place from May 8 to 12, 2019, because it will not be the only one and certainly not the last throughout this summer in France. of our dear French neighbors.

Free games and a relaxed atmosphere

Unlike a traditional casino, the entrance was open to both adults and children. And we can largely say that the casino of the Perpignan fair has never been empty. Perhaps this is most certainly due to the fact that the entertainment options were quite diverse and above all accessible to everyone, without exception. It was therefore a full weekend during which there was no question of money, that visitors were able to give in to gambling without taking any financial risk or compulsive gambling since everything was in demonstration mode.

But then who are those who are interested in this small universe? Well you should know that the majority of visitors were in fact quite simply curious people who did not necessarily know this universe and who were ultimately eager to discover the world of the casino and to take full advantage of this atmosphere that reigns in these areas. establishments, as with the noise of tokens rolling on green carpets for example. An opportunity also to realize the know-how of professional croupiers and who knows… maybe… create vocations here among the youngest spectators who come with their parents and convinced by this profession linked to games and entertainment ?!

Lots of gifts to take home!

As soon as we talk about free, we have to know that we are quite successful with our French friends. The cash bets, which were then replaced by special tokens, strongly contributed to favoring a good-natured environment.

It is interesting to note that the winners all walked away with rewards and a multitude of prizes among more than 400 gifts put into play to attract as many participants as possible. And it must be said that the bet was won given the success of the Fair, especially thanks to the 400 exhibitors who thus awaited visitors in more than fifteen sectors of the game represented.

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